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Cheetah Mobile Impresses India with Ad Platform & Content Strategy
author: Cheetah Lab Cheetah Global Lab 2016-11-23

Cheetah Mobile Impresses India with Ad Platform & Content Strategy

How do we achieve a better brand advertising effect in the digital age? What is the direction of India's mobile advertising platform? How can big data and personalization guide Indian news apps? Will India become the next China?

Answers to all of these questions could be found at Cheetah Mobile’s CONNECT Bangalore Summit on November 16, 2016. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t able to attend the event, Cheetah Global Lab has summarized the key content below.

Mr. Morden Chen, GM, Cheetah Mobile APAC Sales

An Advanced Mobile Advertising Solution

Mr. Morden Chen, GM of Cheetah Mobile APAC Sales kicked off the seminar by discussing the utilization of mobile advertising to achieve the dual results of performance marketing and brand advertising. The common problem faced by the modern day marketer often revolves around adapting to the new mobile digital age with more and more brands developing app as an extension of their business and brand.

On the other hand, new-age businesses which started their brands in mobile are well adapted to performance-based marketing but often lack a longer term marketing strategy for building their brands. Cheetah Mobile hopes to fill this gap by providing a holistic mobile advertising solution to help brands and businesses do both performance and brand marketing with our huge user base and precise targeting capabilities.

Product Manager Wesley Wu and APAC Team's Branding Salesman Neel Sapre

Orion Advertising Platform Demonstration

Product Manager Wesley Wu and APAC Team's Branding Salesman Neel Sapre together demonstrated the Orion Ad Platform. Wesley mainly introduced the Indian inventory, targeting, reporting advantages and the types of service for advertisers, while Neel, as a local Indian salesman, shared some typical requirements from clients and how they would understand and use the traffic characteristics, targeting, reporting and service models. Not only does the Orion Ad Platform work well for performance-oriented clients, but it also supports brand advertising in launching new ad types and expanding new traffic for branding purposes. Cheetah Mobile is aiming to build one excellent platform which works well for both of brand and performance advertisers.

Panel Speakers from Flipkart, Moca, SVG Mobile & AppsFlyer

Discussed Future of Mobile Advertising in India

Next, we were honored to have representatives from Flipkart, Moca, SVG Mobile & AppsFlyer on our panel to continue the discussion and share their thoughts on the future of mobile advertising in India. The panel provided a wide spectrum of views and thoughts based on their wide variety of backgrounds. Flipkart is one of the largest home-grown E-commerce brands in India. SVG Mobile & Moca are both from the agency side and have to deal with the marketing needs of all kinds of clients, from performance-based to brand advertising. Lastly, as one of the largest tracking systems used in Asia, AppsFlyer provided its views from the perspective of data & analytics.

James Gao, Vice President, News Republic, and General Manager of Global Strategic Partnerships, Cheetah Mobile

Make the World Smarter

James Gao, General Manager of Global Strategic Partnerships, Cheetah Mobile, and Vice President of News Republic, pointed out the problem with India's news app -- content entries are not very personalized.

We have the ability to personalize content through big data analysis. Cheetah Mobile has 3 billion installed users and 623 million MAUs, which provide vast amounts of data. As for copyrights, News Republic holds hundreds of thousands of copyrights with more than 2,000 worldwide partners, including 300 partners in India. We are focused on building a personalized content ecosystem whose upstream is CP and downstream is the END USER to help brand partners gain exposure around the world while helping copyright partners to reach a wider audience.

Finally, Cheetah Mobile possesses rich content platforms. First, we invested in At the same time, we landed in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Russia.

Cheetah Mobile’s vision is to build a smarter world together with all of our partners!

Zhou Maohua, Director, Data Products and Commercialization BU

Data Connects Commercialization

Zhou Maohua, Director of Cheetah Mobile’s Data Products and Commercialization BU at Cheetah, gave a speech themed "Data Connects Commercialization." He told the audience that Cheetah has developed two data products based on its big data, known as libra and northstar. He stated that, "Libra is a global Android market analysis platform developed by Cheetah Mobile that covers more than 50% of global Android users. It enables us to show the trends of the global mobile marketing industry through analysis reports and data products. Northstar, Cheetah’s 1st-party DMP offers multiple labels and multiple algorithms to improve ad launching efficiency."

According to Mr. Zhou, "Cheetah Mobile is ready to provide data services. Libra helps users better understand the market and make the right decisions. Northstar can find your target audience to improve ad efficiency. These two products work together with our Orion ad platform. Orion performs the actual ad launch. We are looking forward to deepening our cooperation with all of you."

Jenny Quan, Director, International Commercial Marketing, and Executive Dean, Cheetah Global Lab

Can local publishers in India replicate the China miracle?

Jenny Quan, Director of International Commercial Marketing, and Executive Dean of Cheetah Global Lab, discussed India’s mobile market development trends and the lessons it can learn from China's mobile market.

E-Commerce: Indian E-Commerce Platforms Won’t Necessarily Be Able to Copy China’s Success. A June 2016 Nielsen survey showed that Amazon is the most well-liked e-commerce brand in India, followed by Flipkart. Whether Flipkart will be able to imitate its Chinese peers and beat back foreign competition is still uncertain.

Car Hailing Apps:Uber might be destined to fail in India the same way it did in China. Ola has achieved 3 times more city coverage than Uber, while securing financing totaling $1.2 billion. According to estimates, Uber is burning though more than 10 million U.S. dollars per month in India. Uber wants to bounce back in the Indian market, but it won’t be that easy. Cheetah Global Lab believes that Uber might be destined to fail in India the same way it did in China.

Take-Out & Food Delivery Apps: At is attempts to catch up with China, the Indian market will likely reshuffle over the next couple years. Over the last three years, more than 400 take-out services have emerged in India. The market is already excessively inflated, similar to the development history of China’s own O2O delivery market. It’s very likely that within one or two years a India will experience major consolidation in the market, similar to the development path of China’s market.

News Apps: Personalized news recommendation is growing. India’s number one news app Dailyhunt features algorithm-based recommendations. Additionally, two of the personalized news recommendation apps in India’s top 20 that have connections to Chinese companies, including News Republic, acquired by Cheetah Mobile, and UC News, developed by UCWeb.

Of course, Cheetah Mobile going aboard has never been simple. Morden Chen, General Manager of Cheetah Mobile Asia Pacific, attended the seminar and gave the keynote speech, "Cheetah Abroad: What We Learned from Cricket," at GMIC Bangalore.

Morden Chen gave the keynote speech at the event

GMIC Bangalore 2016 provided Cheetah Mobile with great attention from India's media. More than 20 top media in New Delhi and Bangalore, such as Hindu, The Times of India, Deccan Herald, Hindu Line of Business and Business Day interviewed Cheetah Mobile's management team.


The report of Cheetah Mobile's CONNECT Bangalore

Cheetah Mobile’s booth was also a huge hit at GMIC Bangalore. Lots of participants and customers came to the booth to discuss the details of cooperation with Cheetah Mobile.

Numerous people visited Cheetah Mobile’s booth

Numerous people visited Cheetah Mobile’s booth

Cheetah Global Lab reports also travelled to India

Cheetah Global Lab reports at registration

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