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China's Apps & Game Ranking of Q2, 2016
2016 - 07 - 21

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Today, most cities in China were overwhelmed by pouring rain and "surrounded by sea". The weather probably has kept you from finding an available taxi or enjoying food delivery service, but it couldn't deter Cheetah Global Lab from bringing you the latest ranking list of apps in China!

The most up-to-date Ranking List of China's Apps of Q2, 2016 from Cheetah Global Lab is presented here for you.


More than half a year has elapsed in 2016. For the first half year of 2016, China's Internet market was full of surprises and remarkable changes.

The six months witnessed the boom of Live-streaming video industry where online celebrity economy prevailed nation-wide with substantial capital poured into the market. Meanwhile, the Wei Zexi event in which Baidu was involved struck China's rapidly-growing Internet enterprises, prompting them to slow down their pace and reflect the dilemma between interests and consciousness. In addition, a series of mergers and acquisitions, such as merger between Mushroom Street and Meilishuo, Jingdong's acquisition of Yihaodian, Alibaba's acquisition of Wandoujia, and Tencent's high-cost acquisition of Supercell, a foreign mobile game company, finished off the war and probably mark the approaching of another war in the near future.

The ranking lists of Q2, 2016 are more like an achievement reporting following the fierce war early this year, where the top places in categorized lists remained unchanged and an array of "black horses" emerging in various fields brought us a lot of surprises.

The categorized ranking lists of apps on Android devices are worked out by Cheetah Global Lab based on the appinsight data, providing us with revealing insight into who are successful players and who are under-performing ones in the market.

Period:April, 2016 - June, 2016


Data Source:Cheetah Mobile appinsight

Highlights:1. Live-streaming video apps are rising: has made its way into the ranking list of video apps, becoming the first Live-streaming video app on the list; YY Live, Inke.TV and Huajiao are included in the list of top 10 social apps.

2. With stock apps showing a downward trend in level of activity, bank apps are gradually penetrating the financial service market.

3. Faceu, the No.1 app on the Ranking List of Growth in February, shows an impressive growth again and gains a spot in the list of Image apps as a newly emerging force.

4. Tencent is among China's top players in game release and promotion, with Carrot Fantasy 3 ranked among the top 10 game apps only one month after its launch.

I. Categorized Ranking Lists of Apps


视频类App活跃渗透率Top 10

Top 10 Video Apps by Active Penetration Rate





Tencent Video








BaoFeng Player





活跃渗透率 =


Active Penetration Rate =

number of active users of the app/total number of active users of all apps in China

The top three remain unchanged Live-streaming app is among the list for the first time

1. As it did in the ranking list of Q1, iQIYI still hold the lead as No.1 among video apps. The top three still are iQIYI, Tencent Video and Youku with their rankings remaining unchanged.

2. Among the top three, Tencent Video and iQIYI almost parallel each other in active penetration rate. In the era where content is the decisive weapon for success, if Tencent Video can constantly provide more phenomenal exclusive dramas or original contents (such as Descendants of the Sun aired on iQIYI), it will pose a major threat to iQIYI.

3. As it did in Q1, Youku has an active penetration rate that is roughly half of that of Tencent Video or iQIYI. Despite its moderate performance during the more than half a year after the acquisition by Alibaba, it has demonstrated significant advantage over other video apps and will be stay in the third place for a long time.

4. Huya, which specializes in Live-streaming game video, has edged out Video.Baidu and gained a position among the top 10 video apps. It can be seen from this that Live-streaming applications are all the rage now. (Live-streaming apps can be categorized into video-based and social apps by their functions. For detailed analysis, please refer to Research into Live-streaming Apps in 2016) which will be released by Cheetah Global Lab.

Finance Apps

金融理财类App活跃渗透率Top 10

Top 10 Finance Apps by Active Penetration Rate




CCB's Mobile Bank


Straight Flush




Postal Savings Bank of China


ABC's Mobile Bank


Pingan Jinguanjia






ICBC e-Fortune Link


= 该App活跃用户数/中国所有App总活跃用户数

Active Penetration·Rate

= number of active users of the app/total number of active users of all apps in China

Stock apps are declining whilebank apps are rising

1. Alipay still maintains the leading position with unparalleled dominance over the sector.

2. Straight Flush and Dazhihui under the category of stock apps have moved down in the ranking list due to their declining level of activity, and has been knocked out of the list of Top 10. This is probably the result of the sluggish stock market over the last six months. But the fact that stock market's index climbed to 3000 in early September maybe a stimulus to the level of activity of stock apps.

3. The climbing level of activity of bank apps is also linked with the downturn of stock market, which has made many users shift their focus from investing in stocks to buying financial products offered by banks.


音乐类App活跃渗透率Top 10

Top 10 Music Apps by Active Penetration·Rate


Kugou Music


QQ Music


Kuwo Music


Ximalaya FM


NetEase Cloud Music




Baidu Music Player


AlibabaPlanet - TTPOD


Qingting FM


Xiami Music Player


= 该App活跃用户数/中国所有App总活跃用户数

Active Penetration·Rate

= number of active users of the app/total number of active users of all apps in China

Content still has the most influence&nnbsp;on users

1. The Ocean Music built on integration of Kugou Music and Kuwo Music still plays a leading role in the market. Kugou Music boasts twice as many active users as QQ Music, which is ranked second in the list. After a series of competitions, QQ Music recently announced that it would merge with the Ocean Music from Kugou Music and Kuwo Music, forming a super tycoon by combining the top three into one. What is behind the move maybe is the growing ambition of QQ Music and Ocean Music, or the fact that no other choice is available in the music market with a declining profitability. Cheetah Global Lab will keep an eye on the trend of the market in the future.

2. As a radio app, Ximalaya FM has made a great leap and moved up to the fourth place in the ranking list. This is in line with the prediction of Cheetah Global Lab in the ranking list of Q1, indicating that people's habit of listening to online music is changing.

3. The key factor that affects users' level of activity on music apps is the contents provided on the platforms. For instance, affected by copyright lawsuits, TTPOD (renamed as AlibabaPlanet now), the once No.4 in the ranking list of Q1, has exhibited a significant downturn in terms of level of activity and is only ranked eighth in the ranking list of Q2.

Social Apps

社交类App活跃渗透率Top 10

Top 10 Social Apps by Active Penetration Rate












Baidu Tieba


YY Live






= 该App活跃用户数/中国所有App总活跃用户数

Active Penetration·Rate

= number of active users of the app/total number of active users of all apps in China

WeChat remains top on the list

Live-streaming social apps are rising

1. Live-streaming social apps represented by YY Live, Inke.TV and Huajiao, all of which are among the top 10 social apps, are rising with a growing number of users. People's lifestyle is being changed by Live-streaming apps. In addition to social apps, there will be more possibilities in the domain of Live-streaming apps. (For more details, please refer to the Research into Live-streaming Apps in 2016 which will be published by Cheetah Global Lab.)

2. Tencent is the king in the world of social apps, with WeChat, QQ, Qzone occupying over 80% of the market. WeChat is not only the No.1 among social apps, but also comes top in the list of Top 100 apps in China.


电商类App活跃渗透率Top 10

Top 10 E-commerce Apps by Active Penetration Rate








Xiaomi Mall


Tmall (Taobao Mall)












= 该App活跃用户数/中国所有App总活跃用户数

Active Penetration·Rate

= number of active users of the app/total number of active users of all apps in China

Taobao dominates the E-commerce domain

1. Taobao is still the top leader in e-commerce domain and be ahead of Jingdong, which ranks second on the list, by a considerable margin.

2. Fanli has moves up to the tenth on the list. Jumei, the once No 10 on the list of Q1, has been knocked out of the list of Top 10 due to its significant downturn that was likely caused by its privatization. The remaining e-commerce markets have an average performance with rankings and number of active users of apps are almost the same as those of Q1.


新闻客户端类App活跃渗透率Top 10

Top 10 News Apps by Active Penetration Rate




Tencent News


Yidian Zixun




Sohu News


iFeng News


NetEase News


Sina News




= 该App活跃用户数/中国所有App总活跃用户数

Active Penetration·Rate

= number of active users of the app/total number of active users of all apps in China

Personalized recommendation and portal apps are on a par with each other

1. Toutiao.UC is a personalized news-recommendation app developed by the UC Browser team. Since it was separated from UC Browser as an independent app between late April and early May, Toutiao.UC has rapidly emerged as a new star and won a large number of users in a short time. Now, UC News has took the place of Flipboard as No.9 among the top 10 news apps.

2. As predicted in the annual report of 2015 released by Cheetah Global Lab, personalization has become a trend of news apps. The ranking list of Q2 boasts four personalized recommendation apps, among which Toutiao.UC is a newcomer. In addition, it includes five portal apps, as did the ranking list of Q1. Besides, there are no big changes in the apps included in the list and their rankings, which indicates that the market has been freed from the disorderly competition and entered into an increasingly stable state with personalized recommendation and portal apps developing in parallel with each other.

Photographic Apps

图片拍照类App活跃渗透率Top 10

Top 10 Photographic Apps by Active Penetration Rate


















= 该App活跃用户数/中国所有App总活跃用户数

Active Penetration·Rate

= number of active users of the app/total number of active users of all apps in China

Faceu surprisingly stands out with overwhelming growth

1. Four products from Meitu -- BeautyCam, MeituPic, MakeupPlus and MeiPai – continued to have made it into the top 10, showing their dominance in the segment of photographic apps.

2. Faceu, a special-effect camera app specifically designed for facial recognition and real-time filtering, was ranked China's top 1 the China/Global Apps Ranking by Growth in February (click to view) released by Cheetah Global Lab with an astonishing growth rate of 8000% In Q2, Faceu continued the wild growth and secured the 9th place in the above ranking list. This may attribute to its newly published function "Meet Cute Friends", which features social interaction. This function allows the users to add people nearby as friends by shaking the phone and to visit each other's photos and videos. And if the two people give each other likes, they can further their communication. Meanwhile in this April, Faceu joined hands with Huajiao Live by applying the facial recognition technology to Huajiao Live app, bringing a wider range of interesting options to users.

Car-hailing Apps

出行类App活跃渗透率Top 10

Top 10 Car-hailing Apps by Active Penetration Rate


Didi Chuxing




Dida Pinche


Shenzhou Zhuanche


Kuaidi Dadi


eHi Car Services


Shenzhou Zuche


= 该App活跃用户数/中国所有App总活跃用户数

Active Penetration·Rate

= number of active users of the app/total number of active users of all apps in China

Uber and Yongche registerd slight growth,posing no challenge to Didi's dominance

1. According to the Ranking of China's Top Car-hailing Apps in 2015 released by Cheetah Global Lab this January, Didi Chuxing held a market share of more than 70% with the number of active users of Didi Chuxing being 7 times that of Uber; next to these two, Dida Pinche was in the third place. Now, Didi Chuxing is still the unshakable superpower in this segment, boasting more than 70% of all active users. However, it's biggest competitor Uber has gained much faster growth than half a year ago and has raised its number of active users to a quarter of Didi Chuxing's.

2. After six months of fierce competition, Yongche has climbed up to the third spot from the sixth. This is probably because it conducted a new series of campaigns such as recharging for free hardware and rebates following its acquisition by Letv, which has drawn in numerous users.

Input Method Apps


Input Method Apps




App Name


Sogou Input Method


iFLY Input Method


Baidu Mobile Input Method


Google Pinyin Input Method


QQ Input Method


Zhangyu Input Method

II. Ranking Lists of Games

Title 类型 Type 开发商 Developer 开发商所在国家 Developer host country
开心消消乐 Anipop 休闲游戏 Casual game HappyElement HappyElement 中国 China
王者荣耀 King of Glory 动作游戏 Action game 腾讯 Tencent 中国 China
QQ欢乐斗地主 QQ Happy Lord 纸牌游戏 Card Game 腾讯 Tencent 中国 China
球球大作战 Battle of Balls 动作游戏 Action game 巨人网络 Giant Interactive 中国 China
天天酷跑 Parkour Everyday 休闲游戏 Casual game 腾讯 Tencent 中国 China
穿越火线:枪战王者 CrossFire: King Shootout 动作游戏 Action game 腾讯 Tencent 中国 China
我的世界(口袋版) Minecraft (Pocket Edition) 街机游戏 Arcade game Mojang Mojang 瑞典 Sweden
JJ斗地主 JJ Landlord Poker 纸牌游戏 Card Game 竞技世界 JJWorld 中国 China
天天爱消除 Craz3 Match 休闲游戏 Casual game 腾讯 Tencent 中国 China
保卫萝卜3 Carrot Fantasy 3 休闲游戏 Casual game 腾讯 Tencent 中国 China

Anipop defended its championship

Following the No. 1 spot in the Q1 ranking, Anipop successfully defended its championship in Q2. As the data shows, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the No. 2. Anipop will likely continue to hold the first spot for a while.

Battle of balls becomes a surprise winner with significant rise

On the Q1 ranking list, Battle of Balls from Giant Interactive surprisingly earned the 7th spot. During Q2, this game app continued to thrive and has climbed up to the 4th position, right next to QQ Happy Lord.

Tencent is still the dominator of the domestic game market

Tencent holds 6 of the top 10 positions, more than any other publishers. Carrot Fantasy 3 was not officially launched until mid June. By the end of June, in mere less than a month, the app made it into the top 10, which is a fair evidence of the influence of Tencent games and the marketing capacity of the company.


Complete Ranking of Top 100 Apps

(Notes: 1. Data as of June 27th, 2016. / 2. The list is exclusive of App store Apps.

3. As the data only covers the foreground active rate of Apps, the input method Apps which are mostly called in the background may have been understated to some extent. Hence no input method Apps are included in the ranking.)

排名/Ranking 名称 Title
1 微信 WeChat
3 wifi万能钥匙 WiFi Master Key
4 猎豹安全大师 CM Security
5 QQ浏览器 QQ Browser
6 淘宝 Taobao
7 爱奇艺 iQIYI
8 腾讯视频 Tencent Video
9 酷狗音乐 Kugou Music
10 腾讯手机管家 Tencent Mobile Manager
11 手机百度 Mobile Baidu
12 今日头条 Toutiao
13 全民K歌 We Karaoke
14 UC浏览器 UC Browser
15 支付宝 Alipay
16 QQ音乐 QQ Music
17 腾讯新闻 Tencent News
18 优酷视频 Youku Video
19 金山电池医生 Battery Doctor
20 微博 Weibo
21 猎豹浏览器 Cheetah Browser
22 百度地图 Baidu Map
23 墨迹天气 Moji Weather
24 快手 Kwai
25 QQ空间 Qzone
26 一点资讯 Yidian Zixun
27 天天快报 KUAIBAO
28 高德地图 Amap
29 360手机卫士 360 Mobile Security
30 美颜相机 BeautyCam
31 KingRoot授权管理 KingRoot
32 酷我音樂播放器 Kuwo Music
33 触宝电话 TouchPal Contacts
34 小米智能家庭 Mi Home
35 搜狗号码通 Haoma Sogou
36 陌陌 Momo
37 美图秀秀 MeituPic
38 美团 Meituan
39 芒果TV ImgoTV
40 乐视视频 LeTV
41 京东 Jingdong
42 百度浏览器 Baidu Browser
43 搜狗搜索 Sogou Search
44 暴风影音 BaoFeng Player
45 WPS Office+PDF WPS Office+PDF
46 作业帮 Zuoyebang
47 小米生活 Mi Life
48 葫芦侠修改器 Huluxia
49 百度云网盘 Baidu Cloud
50 QQ轻聊版 QQ Lite
51 土豆视频 iTudou
52 天气通 Weather Master
53 搜狐新闻 Sohu News
54 搜狐视频
55 唯品会 Vipshop
56 乐安全 SECUREit
57 PPTV网络电视 PPTV
58 三星音乐 Samsung Milk Music
59 百度手机卫士 Baidu Security Master
60 小米商城 Xiaomi Mall
61 百度卫士极客版 Baidu Security Essential
62 喜马拉雅FM Ximalaya FM
63 书旗免费小说 Shuqi Reader
64 天猫 Tmall
65 迅雷 Thunder
66 360浏览器 360 Browser
67 大众点评 Dianping
68 多看阅读 Duokan
69 百度贴吧 Baidu Tieba
70 虎牙直播
71 360清理大师 360 Clean Droid
72 小袁搜题 Yuan Souti
73 360影视大全 360kan
74 折800 Zhe800
75 铃声多多 Shouji Duoduo
76 QQ邮箱 QQ Mail
77 滴滴出行 Didi Chuxing
79 万年历 Wannianli
80 最美天气 ZUIMEI Weather
81 QQ阅读 QQ Reader
82 凤凰新闻 iFeng News
83 腾讯WiFi管家 Tencent WiFi Manager
84 影视大全 Yingshi Daquan
85 58同城
86 掌阅iReader Zhangyue iReader
87 米聊 MiTalk
88 建设银行手机银行 CCB's Mobile Bank
89 网易新闻 NetEase News
90 微锁屏 Vlocker
91 QQ安全中心 QQ Security Center
92 搜狗浏览器 Sogou Browser
93 百度视频 Baidu Video
94 同花顺 Straight Flush
95 中华万年历 Zhonghua Wannianli
96 QQ同步助手 WebSync
97 内含段子 Neihan Duanzi
98 快牙Zapya Zapya
99 天天P图 Pitu
100 2345天气王 2345 Weather King

Complete Ranking of Top 50 Games

(Note: Data as of June 27th, 2016)

排名/Ranking 名称 Title 游戏类型 Type of Game
1 开心消消乐 Anipop 休闲游戏 Casual game
2 王者荣耀 King of Glory 动作游戏 Action game
3 QQ欢乐斗地主 QQ Happy Lord 纸牌游戏 Card Game
4 球球大作战 Battle of Balls 动作游戏 Action game
5 天天酷跑 Parkour Everyday 休闲游戏 Casual game
6 穿越火线:枪战王者 CrossFire: King Shootout 动作游戏 Action game
7 我的世界(口袋版) Minecraft (Pocket Edition) 街机游戏 Arcade game
8 JJ斗地主 JJ Landlord Poker 纸牌游戏 Card Game
9 天天爱消除 Craz3 Match 休闲游戏 Casual game
10 保卫萝卜3 Carrot Fantasy 3 休闲游戏 Casual game
11 PopStar!消灭星星官方正版 PopStar! 休闲游戏 Casual game
12 欢乐麻将 QQMahjong 纸牌游戏 Card Game
13 休闲游戏 Casual game

14 节奏大师 Rhythm Master 音乐游戏 Music Game
15 部落冲突 Clash of Clans 策略游戏 Strategy game
16 动作游戏 Action game

17 中国象棋 Chinese Chess 桌面游戏 Desktop Game
18 全民飞机大战 We Fly 动作游戏 Action game
19 奇迹暖暖 Miracle Nikki 休闲游戏 Casual game
20 钢琴块2 Piano Tiles 2 街机游戏 Arcade game
21 保卫萝卜2 Carrot Fantasy 2 策略游戏 Strategy game
22 QQ中国象棋 QQ Chinese Chess 桌面游戏 Desktop Game
23 天天飞车 Everyday Speed 竞速游戏 Racing Game
24 单机斗地主 Solitaire Landlord 纸牌游戏 Card Game
25 火影忍者 Naruto Mobile 动作游戏 Action game
26 全民突击 We Fire 动作游戏 Action game
27 天天炫斗 Fighting Days 角色游戏 Role-playing Game
28 欢乐斗牛(腾讯) Happy Douniu (Tencent) 纸牌游戏 Card Game
29 雷霆战机 Thunder Fighter 动作游戏 Action game
30 波克棋牌游戏 POOK Games 纸牌游戏 Card Game
31 水果忍者 Fruit Ninja 街机游戏 Arcade game
32 棋牌中心 Chess and Cards Center 桌面游戏 Desktop Game
33 单机斗地主 Solitaire Landlord 纸牌游戏 Card Game
34 保卫萝卜 Carrot Fantasy 休闲游戏 Casual game
35 军旗 Military Chess 桌面游戏 Desktop Game
36 单机斗地主 Solitaire Landlord 休闲游戏 Casual game
37 腾讯桌球 T-BALL 休闲游戏 Casual game
38 部落冲突:皇室战争 Clash Royale 策略游戏 Strategy game
39 JJ欢乐斗地主 JJ Happy Doudizhu 纸牌游戏 Card Game
40 吉祥棋牌 Jixiang Game 纸牌游戏 Card Game
41 钢琴块2 Piano Tiles 2 街机游戏 Arcade game
42 炉火传说 Hearthstone 纸牌游戏 Card Game
43 登山赛车 Hill Climb Racing 竞速游戏 Racing Game
44 侠盗猎车手:罪恶都市 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 街机游戏 Arcade game
45 火柴人联盟 Shadow Realm 动作游戏 Action game
46 真人斗地主 Reality Doudizhu 纸牌游戏 Card Game
47 泰拉瑞亚Terraria Terraria 冒险游戏 Adventure game
48 僵尸尖叫 Zombie Tsunami 街机游戏 Arcade game

Data declaration1. Unless otherwise specified, the data originates from 2.341 billion installations worldwide and 635 million monthly active users of Cheetah Mobile (the source of data for the ranking is limited to China); 2. The ranking is applicable to Android for now, not iOS. Clean Master is not included in the ranking. 3. The data is subjected to user scale and distribution. 4. The massive data is collected from daily functions of products, without monitoring user behavior or involving user privacy. -- Yu Ran, Senior Analyst of Cheetah Global Lab

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