Libra - QA

Account And Service

How to get an account?
Please fill in the information at registration page, we will open an account and send it to you by e-mail in 2 work days.
How could I do if I don't receive the account opening e-mail?
The e-mail may be delivered into your trash box, please go and check. If there is no e-mail in the trash box, please send your registered e-mail to, we will check and open a new account for you.
How could I do if my account log out automatically?
The reason may be your account has no action for too long, please log in again. Or your account has been logged in on other devices, please log in and check your account safety.
How could I do if the page keep loading for a long time?
We advise you to surf on Chrome, Firefox and other search engines in order to avoid incompatibility problems.
How to modify password?
Click ‘Cheetah Data Account’ at top right corner and choose ‘Change Password’.

Data Service

Where does the data of Libra come from?
The data collected from dozens of global Android mobile products represented by Cheetah Mobile, which MAU reach 640 million.
When does Libra update its data?
Daily data update yesterday’s data every day, while weekly data update the last week’s data on every Wednesday.
Could we quote the data of Libra?
Libra is an Android products analysis platform which provide professional data analysis to all users in business. These data could be quoted to public, and copyright ownership of data, conclusions, images, graphics and other components of Libra belongs to Libra.
The data range on the front page start from 2016-08-22, is there no data before?
If you need data before 2016-08-22, please contact us by e-mail.
Could all account have the authority to check all data?
Our accounts are divided into 4 types, Basic Account, Premium Account, Professional Account and Ultimate Account. Higher level account will have more authority to look for more valuable data. If you want higher account authority, please send us your application to, we will contact you in 2 work days.
Which apps does not display on Libra?
1. Applications developed by Cheetah Mobile.
2. System applications.
3. Applications with limited user quantity.
Account Authority
Index Active % ΔActive % Install % ΔInstall % User Overlap Retention Rate Opened Times Brand Distribution Model Distribution Screen Size Screen Resolution User Intelligence
Basic - - - - - - - - - -
Premium - - - - - - - -
Profession - - - - -
Does the data service is free?
Libra will provide free data service to close partner. Please contact our BD manager about the fee of data service.
Why does the active rate or retention rate of some APPs look lower?
Libra count active times only when user open target APPs, while running APPs in the background cannot be counted. So the active rate or retention rate of some APPs like keyboard and launcher will be lower.


How can we make cooperation?
Libra partners with first-class market research providers for a variety industry reports. If you have complementary data and are interested in partnering for a joint report, please contact us.